Our Story

Our insistent creativity spurred us to venture into uncharted depth of world of design, Our clients have persistently engaged us over the last three decades for their design needs, is a testimony to the quality and credibility of our products.

When you engage with us, you can be sure of owning a timeless masterpiece crafted to excellence, an ode to the past and an asset to cherish for the future. With the right amount of maintenance each piece can last you for generations to come.


  Comfort abounds in all our furniture, with thorough understanding of anthropometrics, each piece is designed ergonomically ensuring support and comfort.

  We are obsessed with quality and minuscule detailing, crafting only in teak wood.

  Each piece of wood is handcrafted to perfection using the age-old wood joining techniques, requiring patience and dedication. In this machine age , We try to preserve the traditional techniques and details.





  Our sofas are hand crafted using the traditional 8-way hand-tied spring suspension system which is almost getting extinct in the contemporary furniture.

  The fabrics used at Classic Furnishers are natural fibre based ,hand-woven /handloom fabric

  The polishing technique includes the age old 6 step hand polishing technique, and not the usual spray polish.

  Looking at every finest detailing and ensuring the use of best quality raw material at every stage of production is our forte.

  The entire process right from stage of designing to execution – wood planning to structure making , hand carving ,upholstery , polishing is all carried out at our works under personal supervision.

  We try to minimize the use of synthetic materials, board, and plywood until necessary.

 We at Classic Furnishers also aim to give a new life to various dying crafts by imbuing them into its creations, such as wood carving, cane weaving, wooden jails, lattice , ceramic and marble inlay, various traditional painting forms.

Furniture crafted by Classic Furnishers, transcends time to become family heirloom for future generations. In this machine age where the market is full of machine produced identical pieces or veneer ply products labelled as hardwood , we strive to revive the  charm and lost  grace of hand-crafted furniture



Our Story

We have our own manufacturing unit in Delhi housing over 20 skilled craftsmen who have been producing breath-taking designs, which have found recognition across the globe.

Their acumen in this art form comes naturally, since they have inherited it from their ancestors. The products made here are authentic pieces of imagination turned into reality, bringing back the aura of grandeur that has graced the rich Indian tradition since ages.

Our team of exceptionably skilled manpower continuously endeavours for innovation and quality in the field.